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    Breville ('Naked') Portafilter BES810 840 860 870 880 Express

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    Suited for Breville BES810/840/860/870/880/Express/BES500/Bambino

    Please specify which model you have when ordering.

    Bottomless (or 'naked') portafilters allow you to see the espresso as it exits the basket. This allows you to immediately identify any faults in your dosing or tamping technique. For example, you may be tamping slightly unevenly without realising it; with a bottomless portafilter you will see espresso leaving one side of the basket before the other side instead of it appearing evenly, something which would be impossible to gauge with a standard portafilter.

    A number of espresso enthusiasts affirm the curious claim that the espresso from a bottomless portafilter also has a fuller flavour than that from a regular portafilter; this is believed to be a result of less contamination from dirty surfaces over which the espresso would normally pass in a regular portafilter or from the espresso being affected by temperature differences in the portafilter. We'll let you decide on that one, but taste benefit or not the bottomless portafilter is a must-have for any serious Breville BES800!

    These units are unashamedly more expensive than 'generic' bottomless portafilters. This is because Breville portafilters use a different lug configuration to all other types, which means off-the-shelf generic bottomless portafilters produced in the thousands won't fit. The only source of portafilters that will fit the Breville machines are the expensive genuine units from Breville themselves, which then have the stainless steel body cut out. While this is an expensive process, the benefit you have is assured of compatibility with your Breville and a bottomless unit that perfectly matches the rest of your Breville assembly.

    Note: We frequently note small dents and dings in these items when we unpack them for modification. Breville clearly don't take the same care in handling these as we do so don't be surprised if you find these on your portafilter.  Also during machining there may be some linishing marks.

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