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    Black Acetal ( Imperfections )

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    With a slight imperfection (small scratch), have a spare handle or as new with this Black Barista Sale item.

    Acetal is the material used for the knocking insert on the top of all other handles, and was chosen for that purpose because it is a resilient, high-impact material that is resistant to fracturing. Having a whole handle made from this material makes it particularly well suited to those who may like to knock the portafilter with the side of the handle rather than the top.

    The surface has been bead-blasted to provide a semi-soft tactile feel with a visually similar effect to the rubber in the base. Being warm to the touch and lighter than aluminium, Acetal provides a tamper with the balance and tactile benefits of hardwood (warm to the touch and bottom-heavy) but with the strength and durability of aluminium, so it is ideally suited to a commercial operator who prefers a bottom-heavy tamper.

    As with the aluminium handled tamper, it can be washed or wiped as required; custom engraving shows up gloss black against the matte black surface finish.

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