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    Chisel Distribution Tool - Breville / Sage (53.30mm)

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    Suited for Breville BES810 • 840 860 • 870 • 880 • Express • BES500 • Bambino • Touch • Duo Temp • Infuser • Barista Pro

    What's important

    The success of every espresso is to start with an evenly dense coffee puck.

    This leads to a higher extraction which enhances the flavours and balances the profile of your valuable coffee.

    How is this different from other distribution methods?

    1. Consistency between staff
      Example: a café has 4 different baristas on bar throughout the day, with different levels of experience, technique, skills, knowledge, care factor, efficiency etc. Even one barista can distribute different ways throughout the day. Using a re-distribution tool ensures more consistently extracted espresso despite changing elements.
    1. Hygiene is a priority
      There's no need for fingers or hands to touch the coffee grinds with a distribution tool. Food grade stainless steel with a specially finished surface reduces retention and static, so the chisel blade can also remain contact free.

    Why do we call it a Re-Distribution Tool?  
    Delivering the grinds into the basket is your initial distribution and this first step is often discounted as affecting your coffee. We recommend grinding into a dosing cup to allow the grinds to fall into the basket with as even a density as possible. A distribution tool is not going to make a difference if you are not considering these things first.

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