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    Introducing the new Pullman Settler.

    The pre-distribution tool that sets the scene for the rest of your coffee-making experience. 

    We've always said there is an important step before using the Chisel re-distribution tool and tamping....the initial drop into the basket, let's call it pre-distribution.
    Pre-distribution is most consistent when transferring grinds from a separate vessel such as a dosing cup.  Take away the clumping and grinder spray factors and save yourself from the portafilter bench tap. 
    Here is your solution friends. Pre-distribute with the Settler, complete with the Chisel and Tamper combo, reward yourself with flavour.  Settler Height is 35mm

    We're giving you a more effective way to pre-distribute the coffee with:

    • High profile walls preventing coffee spillage.
    • Tapered inner walls counteracting off-centre transfers
    • Original True Tamp rings for grip
    • Solid base that sits in the portafilter without tipping
    • 3mm low profile seat in the basket posing no side wall channeling risk as the lip sits above the final tamped level.

    Don't forget all the Pullman perks with custom engraving and colour options. Make the Settler part of your Barista tool kit today

    Made for the Pullman precision baskets and other commercial sized baskets.  58.00mm range

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