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    BigStep Base - Black + Aluminium Spacers

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    The first patented Big Base tamper with the largest surface area coverage within your basket and stepped edge to reduce vacuum potential. This design produces incredible results for extraction. We've tested it!

    With a diameter of 58.55mm (+/- 0.02mm), the BigStep performs at its best with Pullman precision 876 filtration baskets, however, can be used with other commercially available baskets with a reduced guarantee on performance due to unknown quality parameters.

    We make all our tampers in Australia from premium-grade materials, so you know you've got the best.
    Included is an 5mm black spacer and 2 x 2mm aluminium spacer. Add extra spacers for additional height adjustments.

    We only do Pullman Perfect.

    See all the tech stuff in the Product Brochure

    U.S. Patent No. 10,376092
    AUS Patent No. 2015299744

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