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    Product Authenticity


    Pullman Espresso Accessories™ has confirmed that counterfeit and “copycat” versions of its tools are being manufactured and sold, by unauthorized distributors, to unsuspecting customers in various regions around the world.The company cautions customers from purchasing products from any source other than those listed on its website and warns that products purchased from an unauthorized distributor will not be supported by the company warranty.

    Distinguishing authentic from counterfeit can be easy, just remember to look out for the following features:  

    • Handle shape
    • 3 x TrueTamp rings around the base of the tamper
    • Spacer separating the handle and the base on the “Barista” model
    • Silicon cone

    To check the authenticity of your Pullman product – you can check the Serial Number located on the Spigot of the base (top of the inside of the base)

    Authentic Pullman Espresso Accessories™ products are available exclusively from authorized Pullman Espresso Accessories™ distributors. The company maintains a global list of its franchised distributors online at https://pullman.coffee/en/resellers/tamper-resellers.
    Pullman Espresso Accessories™ technical support and lifetime warranty are provided solely for Pullman Espresso Accessories™ products purchased from one of their authorized distributors.  
    Pullman Espresso Accessories™ welcomes any enquires relating to the purchase of authentic Pullman Espresso Accessories™ products.  All such enquiries can be addressed to  and will be actioned immediately.